weekly goal progress check-in: 7/21/2015

As I posted previously, I have noticed that three elements of my life are very connected:

How I am eating and whether I am exercising
The level of organization in my home
The control I have over my spending habits

I am proud to say that I am noticing some positive changes in the…
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recipe: garlic shrimp with parmesan and zucchini noodles

I am joining in on the zucchini noodle trend.

At first, I was skeptical. I’ve tried the tofu shirataki noodles several times and no matter how much cheese, sauce, etc. I put on them, I could not convince myself to eat them. They are nothing like real pasta. It’s hard to find a satisfying …
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my new favorite budget tool: YNAB

I’m obsessed with this new budgeting tool that I bought called YNAB (it stands for You Need a Budget). I am actually obsessed. It is a little out of control. I am probably one of the company’s biggest cheerleaders.
A little bit about my financial situation:
I am in this (very lucky) place …
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beachbody ultimate reset: days 1-3

So Wednesday I officially begin my Beachbody Ultimate Reset. I’m excited and looking forward to the last big push to get me ready for the wedding.

What is the Ultimate Reset?
The Ultimate Reset is a 21-day program designed to “reset” your body to the factory settings. This will help get you …
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the five stages of change — are you ready?

As I’m working on my weight-loss journey, I have started to reflect on al my past attempts to lose weight (and there have been many of them). What determines my success (or failure) doesn’t have to do with the program or plan that I’ve chosen but with where I am mentally when I start. If my head…
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5 non-scale ways to measure your health

I saw this great article from the Huffington Post talking about ways to measure your health other than weight.

The article really resonated with me. Weight is such a sensitive subject. I think I’ve told only one person how much I weigh (not even my fiancé). I don’t know what it is about …
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summer health & fitness challenge: day 1

Today is the first day of the Get Fit & Glam Summer Health & Fitness Challenge! I’m excited to get this challenge underway and to learn more about my fabulous challengers. We have five weeks to go before Memorial Day and I am ready to push myself until then.
Here’s what I’ve been…
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