fashion friday: bucket bags

This season is all about the bucket bag.

A bucket bag is a longer strapped style with a drawstring closure or cinching at the top of the bag. They are one of the biggest items for this season and part of the bigger micro-bag trend (no pun intended).

The best-known brand is Mansur Gavriel…
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psst: old navy is 40% off until 8/31

I can’t resist a good deal. Especially when I conveniently ripped my jeans on Friday (whoops). That’s what happens when you think you can run and jump like a kid.

Old Navy has really been stepping it up lately. They have been introducing new styles much more frequently and definitely have…
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fashion friday: delicate necklaces

While my personal jewelry philosophy is bigger = better, some outfits are too busy or exciting enough on their own to merit a large bauble. That’s when I turn to a delicate necklace (or two).

These pieces are generally shorter in length (usually either adjustable or a 16″ chain) and are great …
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gluten-free vegan double chocolate chip cookies

Sometimes you just want a cookie.

But since I’ve been trying to eat healthier, it isn’t something that I can indulge in every day. I found a few recipes on Pinterest for healthier cookies and I decided to experiment on my own.

I’m so glad I did. These cookies are
Gluten-Free Vegan Double…
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fashion friday: fall wardrobe update – classic looks

It’s almost Labor Day. And that means Fall is just around the corner.

I’m in the market for some new Fall wardrobe staples to refresh my look. I tend to favor classic, timeless pieces that can easily transition between seasons. I tend to gravitate toward more investment pieces than trend…
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weekly goal progress check-in: 7/28/2015

I have three big areas of my life that I am focusing on: eating well & working out, spending money wisely, and having an organized home. These three things are so related to each other and I find that when one area is going well, the other areas seem to follow suit. For that reason, I’m …
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5 restaurants for a healthy lunch out

Most days of the week, I bring my lunch. It’s healthy, easy, and helps me use up leftovers throughout the week. However, there are some times when you have to eat out. Maybe it’s a co-workers birthday or

Here are my top 5 places to eat out (and what I order) to help me stay on track while…
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