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5 easy ways to save $100 a month

Fall is here! And that means Christmas is basically around the corner (96 days to be exact). And while I am enjoying everything pumpkin spice (BASIC), I am also starting to save for my Christmas presents. I want to be able to give my family amazing presents without incurring extra credit card…
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psst: old navy is 40% off until 8/31

I can’t resist a good deal. Especially when I conveniently ripped my jeans on Friday (whoops). That’s what happens when you think you can run and jump like a kid.

Old Navy has really been stepping it up lately. They have been introducing new styles much more frequently and definitely have…
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my new favorite budget tool: YNAB

I’m obsessed with this new budgeting tool that I bought called YNAB (it stands for You Need a Budget). I am actually obsessed. It is a little out of control. I am probably one of the company’s biggest cheerleaders.
A little bit about my financial situation:
I am in this (very lucky) place …
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