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recipe: lightened up potato salad

It’s officially summertime. Which means it’s BBQ season!

One of my favorite things to eat at a BBQ is a delicious potato salad. Who doesn’t love all those delicious carbs covered in creamy mayonnaise? Nobody. Except when they have to get back into their summer shorts or bathing suits. …
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low carb sesame chicken stir fry

I love Chinese food. It’s perfect for a lazy weeknight on the couch or a delicious desk-side lunch. My absolute favorite is General Tso’s Chicken (which I’m still working on a finding a healthy substitute for) but I love pretty much all Chinese food.

Sadly, one 5oz serving of traditional…
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this week’s meal plan – week of 1/11

Things have been crazy for me. Add the normal holiday craziness with closing on our first home and moving and I’m completely spent.

It’s been hard to me to get back into a routine. I haven’t been eating well and I just started working out regularly.  Between the holidays and the stress of …
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weekly goal progress check-in: 7/28/2015

I have three big areas of my life that I am focusing on: eating well & working out, spending money wisely, and having an organized home. These three things are so related to each other and I find that when one area is going well, the other areas seem to follow suit. For that reason, I’m …
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5 restaurants for a healthy lunch out

Most days of the week, I bring my lunch. It’s healthy, easy, and helps me use up leftovers throughout the week. However, there are some times when you have to eat out. Maybe it’s a co-workers birthday or

Here are my top 5 places to eat out (and what I order) to help me stay on track while…
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