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fun recipe: poop emoji cookies

Yes. You read that right. Poop emoji cookies. These cookies are not what I would call “healthy” but boy are they fun. I made them as decorations for my nine-year old stepdaughter’s birthday celebration. Her favorite saying is “aw poops” so these were perfect. She’s obsessed with the poop emoji….
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gluten-free vegan double chocolate chip cookies

Sometimes you just want a cookie.

But since I’ve been trying to eat healthier, it isn’t something that I can indulge in every day. I found a few recipes on Pinterest for healthier cookies and I decided to experiment on my own.

I’m so glad I did. These cookies are
Gluten-Free Vegan Double…
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fashion friday: fall wardrobe update – classic looks

It’s almost Labor Day. And that means Fall is just around the corner.

I’m in the market for some new Fall wardrobe staples to refresh my look. I tend to favor classic, timeless pieces that can easily transition between seasons. I tend to gravitate toward more investment pieces than trend…
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