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summer health & fitness challenge

IMG_6933It’s official. Summer is coming. That means shorts and swimming and sweating. And BBQs, parties, and outdoor happy hours. I can’t wait.

It also means I have about 2 months until the wedding. Eeeek. I’m really excited but also overwhelmed with everything that I still have to do.

With that in mind, I thought I would start a health & fitness challenge to help keep myself accountable as well as to help others reach their goals.

Some of the things that I want to accomplish during this challenge are:

  • Drink my water each day
  • Make sure to have planned meals for the week (no last minute takeout)
  • Follow my workout plan
  • Make sure to get all my nutrients in to make me look my best for the wedding
  • Be able to complete more moves without having to do the modification
  • Be able to do my workout with heavier weights!!

get fit and glam summer health & fitness challenge

What is it?

This is a completely free challenge to try and establish healthy patterns (and maybe drop some weight) before the start of summer. I will be providing support, recipes, tips, tricks and deals to help get you ready for summer. I will also share my meal plan and workouts. We will all work toward reaching our goals for summer and beyond.

How do I join?

You can fill out the below form or send me a note at Please feel free to reach out as well with any questions!


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