get fit

best bet: cioppino

I’m sure you all have faced the challenge of eating out while trying to stay on track with healthy eating. Add a ridiculously indulgent menu with the social pressure to “live a little” and healthy eating becomes a distant memory.

However, there are a few meals that won’t prompt commentary from your dining companions and will still keep you on track.

One of my go-to meals is a big bowl of cioppino.


What is cioppino? Cioppino is a seafood stew usually with clams, mussels, scallops, fish but can vary. It was traditionally made with the “catch of the day” in San Francisco. The seafood is served with a tomato wine broth and usually comes with some bread on the side.

This dish is healthier than many other options for a few reasons:

  • It’s low in fat. The seafood is not breaded or fried and the broth is tomato-based instead of a cream base which helps keep the dish light
  • It has tons of protein (scallops have 17g of protein in 3 oz)

Plus bonus, it reheats well! The picture above is actually a snapshot of my leftovers which were just as good as the night in the restaurant.

I love ordering this because it’s wonderfully indulgent and yet relatively healthy. It’s perfect for those nights when you can’t stomach the idea of another salad.

What are you healthy go-to meals in a restaurant?


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