no excuses november: day 2

I am officially on Day 2 of my “No Excuses November” challenge.

fall scenery


Yesterday I spent a lot of time getting organized: putting away laundry, going through the pile of mail, etc. I made a delicious dinner for the family (recipes coming soon)

Day 1: Goal Check

Drink 128 oz of water each day.

Close but not quite there. I would say I was about 2 cups shy. I could have pushed through it but it would have ended in an inevitable middle-of-the-night bathroom run. I’m going to see if I can add the 16 oz today for a total of 144 oz.

Take my MNS supplements and Catalyst each day.

Check! Took my supplements like a boss.

At least 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day. Potatoes don’t count.

Double check! Yesterday I had 2 servings of fruit and then a dinner that was mostly veggies. A large serving of spinach salad and mushrooms with some baked chicken.

Track everything that I eat.

Check! Everything is tracked and entered. Including the 8,081 steps that I tracked during the day. Cleaning can really add up.

Measure oil/butter etc while cooking

Check! I measured the oil that I used in dinner and tracked every bit of it.

I didn’t get in a workout yesterday but I’m planning on getting in a nice workout today. I’ve already tracked my breakfast (and did the dishes). I’m working on my daily water goal and enjoying the extra hour from daylight savings time. I am also going to spend some time outside with the family.

How are you doing on your November goals? 


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