getting ready to say yes to the dress…

kleinfeld's nyc

I am pretty proud of myself for not allowing my upcoming wedding to completely take over my life. However I am getting excited for dress shopping. Mostly because I bought a VIP ticket to the Kleinfeld’s sample sale. Yes, the Kleinfeld’s from Say Yes to the Dress fame. And I’m super excited. I will still get a consultant and everything just with extremely discounted dresses. I’m really excited because I wasn’t planning on going to Kleinfeld’s since most of their dresses are above my budget. But with dresses up to 70% off (and an additional 35% off with my ticket) there should be quite a few options in my budget.

As part of my prep for my dress shopping, I am buckling down with weight loss. This timing is perfect since I’m currently on Day 8 of the 3rd Advocare 24-Day Challenge. And I’m taking the challenge seriously. I am keeping a countdown to the sample sale and have decided to have my own “No Excuses November”. To me, that means that there is no excuse for skipping a planned workout or staying on track when it comes to eating.

Come join me in my No Excuses November and work on achieving your goals (weight-related or otherwise)


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