advocare 24-day challenge #3: day 1

Sorry for the long gap in posting. I got knocked out with a really bad cold and am finally on the mend.

Now that I’m feeling better, I’ve decided to start my third Advocare 24-Day Challenge.


And this came just in time. I definitely noticed my habits sliding lately (especially with Halloween around the corner).

I am going to spend this challenge really focusing on whole foods and quality nutrition (you know, the stuff that I should be doing all the time). This should be easier since I will not be having dairy during the first 10 days of my challenge (cheese is a major weakness for me). I also want to focus not just on what I’m eating but the quality of those foods.

For example, breakfast this morning was two cage-free eggs with an apple from the local farmer’s market with some all-natural peanut butter on top. That’s what I want to spend my challenge focusing on: quality foods that are nutritious and (if possible) locally produced.

I will be posting updates from my menu and my results as I continue with my challenge.

How are you working on achieving your goals?




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