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weigh-in wednesday: september 10th

weigh-in wednesday: 9/10 | getfitandglam.comThis week was another slow week.

I only lost 0.1 lbs.

I’m starting to learn that’s okay.

There are things that  are going to influence that number that are outside of my control (like hormones) and life happens. I think the important thing is that I don’t take a disappointing result as a reason to throw in the towel completely.

Things I Did Well This Week

  • Continued to eat well (including healthy snacks) even when faced with social situations
  • Enjoyed my once-a-week treat for my fiance’s birthday
  • Hit the gym a few times

Things To Work on Next Week

  • Get back on track with water. Things have been crazy at work but I still need to remember to stay hydrated. 
  • Workout a few more times
  • Plan my next once-a-week

Total weight lost = 21.9 lbs


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