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10 tips to organize your closet

the donation pile

the donation pile

It’s Labor Day weekend. That means the end of summer. And while that makes me sad (summer is awesome, especially when you get Summer Fridays). I am also excited to start a new season. And part of that is cleaning out my closet. Although it’s not as fun as a Labor Day BBQ, it will help me stay organized as the new season starts. Plus it gives me an excuse to go shopping and enjoy some Labor Day sales 🙂

Ten Tips to Organize Your Closet

1. Start with four piles (1) donate (2) probation (3) wrong season and (4) keep.

2. Put anything you can’t make an immediate decision about into the probation pile. This will speed up the process.

3. Get proper storage. I used a large 35-gallon container for my probation bin and Space Bags for my wrong season clothes.

4. Get a critic. I always ask my sister to help me when I’m cleaning out my closet. She always gives an honest opinion and pushes me to get rid o things that I don’t need (e.g. seven formal gowns when I barely need one).

5. Group like items together. You may have a bunch of black pencil skirts you like but putting them together will help you keep only the best ones.

6. Keep a running list of your donations. I like to use the app It’s Deductible from Intuit. It makes it a lot easier once you’re finished.

7. Keep a shopping list handy. Start writing down anything that you need to replace or things that you identify are missing (e.g. this top would look great with black skinny jeans…)

8. Try on the things you haven’t worn in a while. They make look better/worse than you remember.

9. Add any organization products you may need to your shopping list (e.g. scarf hangers, over the door hooks, shoe bins)

10. Make a date in the future to review your probation pile. And keep it.

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  1. LOVE the idea of a probation pile. I’m a regular purger and my local thrift store loves me…lol…but there are times I need a little time to decide if I want to keep or release. Great tips 🙂

    • Thanks! Yeah the probation pile made it so that I could get through everything in an hour and a half. I can’t imagine how long it would have taken me if I didn’t have it 🙂

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