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weigh-in wednesday: august 27th

scaleIt’s hard when you don’t see all your hard work pay off.

This week I actually had a slight gain (1.2 lbs to be precise) and I didn’t understand it. I was so frustrated this morning because I have been diligent in staying within my eating plan and I even worked out a few times. Perhaps this is my body adjusting to my new eating plan after a week of gluttony on vacation. But I was so angry at myself. And I thought about giving up. 

Then I stopped.

And I thought about what I would say to somebody I loved who was frustrated with slow weight loss progress.

Would I tell them to give up? Absolutely not. I would tell them that the scale isn’t everything and that they are still doing an amazing job and that they are doing something important: fueling their body with good foods and taking care of themselves by working out. 

And I am telling myself those same things right now. 

Things I Did Well This Week

  • Stayed on track 
  • Enjoyed a birthday splurge on my actual birthday (they only happen once a year). It wouldn’t have felt like a birthday without a little treat. And I got right back on track on Monday. 
  • Did something active with my family (see post here)

Things To Work on Next Week

  • Give myself a break
  • Try to go to the gym at least as much as last week (maybe even more).

Total weight lost = 19 lbs

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