get fit

weigh-in wednesday: august 20th

This week I got back on track. I lost all the weight I gained on vacation (and then some) and most importantly I am feeling in control.

Things I Did Well This Week

  • Ate with purpose. I ate lots of snacks and meals but each one was focused on getting me to my goal of health and wellness.
  • Ate at home. And ate leftovers. Not only did I save money by not ordering food or going out but I also was sure to use up leftovers as they were available. It made it easier to eat healthfully since the food was ready to go and I saved money by using all of the food I bought.

Things To Work on Next Week

  • Continue to try new foods so that I don’t get bored.
  • Getting to the gym more

Total weight lost = 20.2 lbs


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