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book review: wheatbelly


by William Davis, MD



This book explains the author’s perspective that consumption of wheat (specifically genetically modified wheat) has led to our recent obesity crisis. In addition, he believes that wheat has caused or is linked to most of our modern health issues (including diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease). The book contains the typical anecdotes of patients who have benefitted from this diet (although the difference is that this book is focused more on health than on weight loss).

The book also has a bunch of wheat-free recipes in the back and substitutions for your favorite foods.

My Thoughts:

I think that this book could also be titled “Wheat is the Root of All Evil”. I really enjoyed reading the book and I found a lot of what was being said about wheat valid although I don’t think that it responsible for all of our health problems (sugar is a big culprit too). I think that I am very sensitive to consumption of wheat (and refined carbohydrates) and that I do have a form of addiction like described in the book.

I also agreed with his point (which he makes several times in the book) that you cannot just replace a regular donut with a wheat-free donut and expect to lose weight. Your body still has a similar insulin response from non-wheat refined carbohydrates to that of wheat containing refined carbohydrates. I might look at some of the cookbooks, but I think the best thing I could do is just stay away from refined carbohydrates in general (coconut flour or not).

This Book is Great For:

A detailed account of the history of wheat production in the context of modern agriculture and a strong explanation why we should avoid wheat for better health.

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