get fit

back after a break


picture from my vacation to virginia beach

It’s been a while since I posted on here but I’m back. 🙂

I’ve been struggling a bit with staying on track and making healthy choices that will get me where I would like to be. I could make a bunch of excuses for why I got off track, but the truth is that I stopped trying. I went a little crazy during our family vacation (lots of food and alcohol). And I’m okay with that. Mostly because I’ve gotten back on track without too much time passing or gaining back too much weight. This past week, I have been making healthier choices. I’ve been extra motivated after setting a wedding date (10 months from now). While that seems like a long time from now, I know that it will be here before I know it.

I’ve also been working on balancing my blood sugar throughout the day by eating a good strong breakfast, healthy snacks throughout the morning and afternoon. I am finding that it is keeping my hunger in check throughout the day which makes it easier to stay on track. So far so good 🙂



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