what is herbal cleanse?

advocare herbal cleanseThe Advocare 24-Day Challenge is divided into two phases: the cleanse phase and the max phase. The cleanse phase is using their Herbal Cleanse product. You can also participate in the cleanse without completing the rest of the challenge.

This system has three different products in it: fiber drink, herbal cleanse caplets, and  a probiotic.

Fiber Drink

This is a drink that you mix with water or juice. It is known for being a little pulpy in texture (I can vouch for that) but it is designed to help clear out your system. The drink has 10g of fiber per serving. I think of this drink as like a scrubber pad for your digestive tract.

Herbal Cleanse Caplets

The herbal cleanse caplets are a combination of herbs that help remove impurities from the body and help relieve mild constipation. the caplets just help keep things moving in your digestive system.


Probiotics have become popular in the last few years. A probiotic is made up of beneficial organisms that help restore the balance of good and bad bacteria in your digestive system. It is especially important to take a probiotic when you’ve had something that will alter the bacteria in your digestive system (like a series of antibiotics).

My personal experience: I really like taking the cleanse every 3 months. Not only does it “clean me out” but I also find that it helps me recommit to healthy eating and wellness.


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