24 Day Challenge #2


On Saturday July 5th I started my second 24-Day Challenge. (Here’s a link to my last challenge results if you’re interested). After some serious 4th of July celebrating (mmm) I started my challenge. I am excited to see what kind of difference I will see over the next 24 days. I am hoping that I am able to lose those few pounds that crept up celebrating my engagement and more to get on-track for wedding weight loss.

The first day wasn’t actually too hard (especially since we attended a parade and BBQ). I was able to make the food that was at the BBQ work for me and my plan. I drank a lot of water (and no alcohol) and stayed away from dessert. I’ve gotten into a routine with bringing my lunch and breakfast to work with me and keeping healthy staples on hand.

In addition to following the Advocare guidelines for food and supplements, I am adding in a disciplined workout plan to my challenge this time around. The plan I am following is the InstaFemmeFitness 4 Weeks to Fit Gym plan. It is a plan that requires workouts 4 times a week focused on full-body strength training. Let me tell you this plan is legit. Now I totally understand all of those #legday posts that I see on instragram. It’s still too early to post full results but I will definitely post something at the end of my challenge.


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