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five ways to drink more water


Water is amazing. Drinking more water can improve your skin, help you de-puff, and make you feel so much better overall. Most of us are not drinking enough water.

Here are 5 ways to increase your water consumption each day:

• Carry a water bottle with you everywhere. Keep one in your car, one at your desk, one at home.

• Phone it in. You can use an app or set a timer to remind you to drink water. I use one called Ounces which will remind me if I haven’t had more than 50% of my daily water intake by noon

• Take it with a twist. Buy some lemons and limes and keep them in the fridge. Add them to your water to make it interesting. You can also add other fruits and/or herbs. Add a lime and some mint and it’s almost like a mojito!

• Go herbal. Herbal teas are a great way to drink more water while still getting flavor. You can make them iced (my favorite: Tazo Passion Iced Tea) or hot (my favorite: Bigelow Mint Medley).

• Pregame Other Beverages. Before drinking anything else, make yourself drink a glass of water. Not only will you increase your water intake, but you may also save on your bar tab.


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