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makeup review: pixi flawless beauty primer

pixi sampleI received this sample as part of my ipsy glam bag for March of this year. (Note: If you haven’t checked out ipsy, check out the great beauty sample subscription service here).


I have been meaning to try a foundation primer for a while now and figured that the sample in my glam bag was the perfect opportunity.

The primer is a smooth consistency and comes out looking almost pearly. I used a pea-sized amount and it covered my whole face. I didn’t really notice anything when I put it on so I poured out my usual amount of foundation. TOO MUCH. I ended up with too much product since the primer made everything spread very evenly with less product than normal. I did have a few places where I had to apply more carefully to avoid streaking (mostly my forehead) but overall it was pretty even.

I think that the foundation primer is a perfect answer for the summer when I don’t want to wear a ton of foundation for even coverage. I have a few other brands that I would like to try before buying a full-size version. And luckily I have a few more to try thanks to my beauty sample subscriptions.

That being said, I really liked this foundation primer. You can buy it here on Amazon for under $30 or you can look for it at Target stores.


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