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can’t live without: butter london handbag holiday cuticle oil

Alright, I’ll admit it: I pick at my cuticles. It’s weird and gross and I’m not proud of it. This habit has caused my cuticles to become a ragged, rough mess (especially in the winter time). But I’ve found this amazing cuticle oil from butter LONDON that has changed my nails. I use it all the time and my cuticles have improved a million times over.


butter LONDON Handbag Holiday Cuticle Oil

I love this oil in particular because it is easy to put on (thanks to the handy brush) and smells amazing (sort of tropical but not overpowering). The oil is not super cheap (it was $15.00 last I checked) but it’s worth it to keep your cuticles beautiful all year long. The bottle also lasts a long time (I’m still on my first bottle).

Extra treat: Put on hand cream + this cuticle oil and rock a pair of cotton gloves (like these) for a few hours. Your hands will be amazingly soft and moisturized.Β 


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