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spring cleaning with ItsDeductible

Like most of you out there, I’m in the middle of spring cleaning. As I’m getting rid of things, I find myself much more likely to get rid of something if I will be donating it/giving it to a friend as opposed to just throwing it away.

I’m lucky and have a local Salvation Army right by the supermarket I go to each week. As I was preparing my donation (and booting up another spreadsheet for itemized donations) I found this great app that I had to share with you guys.

The app is called ItsDeductible and it is made by Intuit (the makers of Turbo Tax). You can enter all of your charitable donations for the year in this app and it will automatically sync with Turbo Tax.


You can search for local charities and then enter a donation date:



Then you can select your items right from the list which includes suggested values for each item. Talk about an easy process.






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