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book review: the big picture by tony horton


The Big Picture

Tony Horton


We all know Tony Horton from his workout program P90X (or at least the infomercials in my case). Here is his book with advice for living a healthy life (not just in the gym). The book centers around his 11 Laws for changing your life and are interspersed with funny stories, interviews and a sprinkling of nutrition/workout advice.

My Thoughts: 

Overall the book has some great points for maximizing your potential personally and professionally. I think the rules are general enough to be widely applied yet specific enough to make you focus. I liked how he used examples across work, fitness, health and his personal life to make it more relatable. I also enjoyed that he was self-critical and explained that he wasn’t always as focused as he is now.

I found his writing style to be a little too dumbed down/punny. I think it read like he was speaking (which I know I’m guilty of) but sometimes less is more when it comes to writing style.

This Book is Great For:

Somebody who is looking to change not just their physical health, but to work on emotional health as well.

Buy it here on Amazon


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