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my favorite ab exercises

As we are heading in beach season, I thought I would share a few of my favorite exercises with you. While I have not reached my fitness goals yet, I learned most of these exercises from experienced trainers.


Skaters. There are no joke. They are a great exercise because they help increase your heart rate as well as great core work.

How you do it: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Starting with your right leg, put that leg crossed behind your right while leaning forward and putting your right arm on your left leg. Then switch sides (don’t stop in the middle) and place your left leg crossed behind your right and your left arm on your right leg. Try to move quickly between sides to get your heart rate up. You can either go for a number of reps or see how many you can do in a time period.

Upgrade it: Add in a weighted body bar (it looks like a black broom-handle). At the start, hold it with two hands at hip height with the bar parallel to the floor. Move your legs in the exact same way. For your arms, go through the same motions but keep the bar in your hands. The motion is sort of like using a bo staff (yet another reason why I like this exercise).


Side Bend

Side Bend. This is another awesome ab exercise that works your obliques and helps banish love handles (yes, please).

How you do it: Start standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Grab a light weight and hold it in your right hand. Bend to the right side making sure to keep your hips and legs straight so that you’re bending at the waist. After completing your set, switch sides and repeat.

Upgrade it: Add more weight until you’re struggling to complete your set.



What are your favorite abdominal exercises? How do you get in shape for summer?




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