advocare challenge prep


I am really excited to get started on preparations for my 24-Day Challenge with Advocare. I will be starting the challenge tomorrow, April 9th and ending on May 2nd.

I already shared my meal planning spreadsheet (here it is in case you were curious) and now I’m going to share my to-do list for this evening in order to prepare for my challenge. I already placed a large order from Fresh Direct for all the healthy food I will need this week.

Challenge Prep To-Do List:

  • Chop/wash/portion all veggies and fruits into individual servings
  • Cook a large batch of quinoa and prepare quinoa salads for lunches and dinners
  • Cook a batch of hard-boiled eggs for easy breakfasts and snacks
  • Set up a batch of overnight oats to have ready for breakfast
  • Pack lunches for the rest of the week
  • Print out all materials (including the measurement tracker)
  • Organize all supplement packets into daily piles
  • Print out meal plan for the day
  • Pack gym clothes/shoes/etc and have ready to go for the morning

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