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the last day: blueprint cleanse, day 3

Today is the last day of my 3-day Foundation cleanse from BluePrint. I am actually a little bit sad to see it go. I mean not enough to get an extra day or anything, but I am enjoying the experience (and the little extra room in my pants doesn’t hurt either).



See? Here I am enjoying a juice 🙂

It was kind of liberating to not worry about food preparation or cooking or cleaning. Everything you consume is either water, tea, or a bottled juice. Easy. There are no dishes (other than a tea mug) and no prep time. But I am excited to chew something. And of course, I’m excited about my upcoming 24-Day Challenge with Advocare.

As suggested in the cleanse instructions, I plan on slowly getting back to food with a focus on plant-based whole foods tomorrow. I also have a lot of cooking to do to prepare for the 24-Day Challenge.




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