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weigh-in wednesday: march 19

This week I lost 0.7 lbs (and 0.1% of body fat). When I first saw this number, I’ll admit I was disappointed. It’s hard to see a number like that when I still feel like I have a long way to go. But when you look at what I ate over the past week, it wasn’t all steamed broccoli and grilled chicken. I indulged quite a bit in sweets and treats (tracking them of course) and still lost weight. Which is pretty awesome. 

Things I Did Well This Week

  • Worked out three times this week and wore my pedometer earning a total of 53 activity points with WW (theoretically this translates to an extra 3,710 calories burned through activity)
  • Made delicious roasted brussel sprouts that totally satisfy a salty french-fry like craving. Definitely making these again
  • Tracked everything from my girl’s night date at Olive Garden (I know, but their breadsticks are the jam).

Things To Work on Next Week

  • Still didn’t drink much water this week… (gets up and fills water bottle)
  • Have “the talk” with sugar. It’s time for us to see other people.
  • Work on reducing stress levels. Stress leads to stress eating. Which for me is usually sugar (see above).

Total weight lost = 19.8 lbs


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