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beauty review: agave oil treatment

Agave Oil Treatment

I received this sample in my BirchBox this month and after reading the reviews on, I couldn’t wait to try it. (People literally called it a “miracle in a bottle” and the most-used word in reviews was “Amazing”.)

This treatment is a non-greasy, lightweight hair oil that instantly smooths, seals, and adds shine to all hair types that restores and rejuvenates unmanageable, frizzy hair with the hydrating and color-restoring sugars of the agave plant. Unlike heavy nut oils, this plant extract conditions hair with a light touch, building strength and resiliency, while helping boost vibrancy and color. Other natural botanicals like coconut, vanilla, sunflower, and safflower are blended with madagascar baobab seed oil to nourish and transform hair’s outer layer.


I applied the product to my hair after getting out of the shower (and towel-drying my hair). I started applying about halfway through the length of my hair and then worked it through the entire length.

Here’s what the oil looks like. It’s the perfect consistency– not too thick but not runny either. It also smells amazing– a little bit tropical without being overwhelming.

And now for the results.

This is my hair brushed out after spin class. Isn’t it gorgeous?

As you can see, my hair was a little bit dry and frizzy. Granted the before picture was after brushing out my hair after sweating like a sprinkler during spin class. Obviously my hair was in need of some love.

Here’s my hair after flat ironing. I applied the product when my hair was damp and then let it naturally dry while I slept.

I woke up to slightly wavy hair (but not cute and beachy waves) so I decided to use my flat iron and straighten it out. That’s when I really saw how awesome this product truly is. The product seemed to work even better when activated with my flat iron. I didn’t have to apply any smoothing cream after ironing (like I normally do).

You gotta love silky soft second-day hair.

Now for the ultimate test: second-day hair. The product continued to make my hair shiny and silky smooth. My only complaint is that having my hair so moisturized does make it a little flat looking, but that’s something I could easily fix with styling.

The verdict: LOVE IT. I’m definitely going to buy a full-size bottle for myself. 

You can purchase the oil from Sephora or from Birchbox (both are priced the same but the Birchbox ships free this month)


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