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my favorite meal planning app: mealboard

One of the biggest challenges for me has been to organize my meal planning and grocery shopping each week. Inevitably there was always some day that wasn’t planned for or some ingredient that I forgot to pick up.

Enter MealBoard. A great app that lets you plan your meals for the week, keep inventory in your pantry, and sync a grocery list. The main screen on the app looks like this:

mealboard main shot

You can plan all your meals (including snacks) for the week. The meals then sync with your grocery list:

mealboard grocery list

My favorite feature of the grocery list is that it’s laid out like the grocery store itself with your shopping list grouped in categories like “Dairy” or “Spices and Sauces” that help make sure you get everything on your list (and aren’t constantly running back and forth across the store).

The app also lets you track what’s in your pantry (so you don’t end up buying ANOTHER 5lb bag of flour when you already have a backup in the pantry — who’s done that? certainly not me…). I enter the key things– spices, condiments, and dry goods.

You can also enter your information online and sync recipes from major sites (e.g. Food Network, Epicurious) or enter your own recipes on the website. It’s really easy and a lot easier than trying to enter information on your phone.

mealboard recipe view

If you’re looking for discounts, check out my post on Do you have any apps that you use to stay organized when it comes to grocery/meal planning?


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