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60 seconds to change your perspective

There has been a lot of buzz lately about the unrealistic portrayal of women in media– particularly fashion and beauty–and the potential influence this has on our perception of women.

I work in the fashion industry. And I will admit that there is an accepted industry standard for thinness that is unrealistic for an average person. Heck, it’s unrealistic for an above-average person. The rail-thin models are ubiquitous. How could they not impact your view of yourself? It’s hard not to compare yourself to the models (especially if you’re wearing the same garments). But the good news (or is it) is that it takes only sixty seconds to alter your perspective. The good part here is that only a few small changes can start to impact how we view attractiveness. The flip side of this is that The average youth in America spends 1,200 hours per year watching TV (source: Even if we assume only 1% of that time (36 seconds per hour) portrays unattainable standards of beauty that means in a year they have spent 720 minutes (12 hours) being influenced.

How To Change What You Find Attractive In 60 Seconds.

What do you think? How can we promote healthy female role-models and define a healthy ideal of beauty?


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