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why resolutionaries don’t bother me

I’m back to the gym after a two-week long break due to a killer cold (Note: You may want to buy stock in places that sell cold medicine since I’m sure I bought enough Ny-Quil to boost Target’s Q1 earnings). Things are definitely different. The locker room (normally quiet) are buzzing with noise. There is a line outside the spin studio and every stretching mat is in use. It happens every year in January when we all vow to “get in shape” or “lose 15 lbs”. You can feel the contempt radiating from the “regulars” who are beyond annoyed to find their gym overrun with newbies.

But I’m not annoyed, I’m impressed and inspired. Very few people have been fit their entire lives. Looking back on things a year ago, I was so out of control with my health that I couldn’t fathom working out regularly until completing five months of dieting. I look at the people who are standing on the treadmill, puzzled how to get it started and instead of being irritated, I’m inspired. It takes a lot of courage and introspection to make the choice to change your life and lifestyle. And it can be intimidating to start what seems like a Herculean task to whip yourself into shape.

Sure, many of the resolutionaries may give up come March. But even if they do, I applaud the effort they put forth from January to March. Finding a healthy balance in your life isn’t something that can happen overnight (I’m still trying to figure it out after 9 years of trying, stopping, and starting over). And if anybody asks, I’m happy to show them where the handweights are or point out the secret water fountain on the second floor 🙂

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