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makeup: contouring like a boss

makeup tutorial: contouring like a boss

Contouring is one of the most amazing makeup tricks that can make a huge difference in the shape of somebody’s face. I’m definitely not an expert (yet) but I do try to contour most days. I will prime my face and apply concealer and eye makeup before I start contouring. Then I use a liquid bronzer (I use the Stila Stay All Day Bronzing Beauty Balm) and highlight the areas of my face that I want to look more shaded.

STILA Stay All Day® 10-In-One HD Bronzing Beauty Balm With Broad Spectrum SPF 30

For me, those areas are the hollows of my cheekbones and the sides of my nose (instant free nose job!). After applying the bronzer, I put on my regular foundation and then I blend the foundation and bronzer (so I don’t look like Tony the Tiger). After that, I set my foundation with powder, finish with lip color and I’m ready to go.

Contouring Finished from


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