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#worthit wednesdays: cleaning service vs. buying lunch

Welcome to the first post in my #worthit Wednesdays series. I’ll be sharing the things that I think are worth a little splurge in my budget and the things that I give up to make it happen.

Worth It: Cleaning Service ($175 a month)

I don’t know about you, but the last thing that I want to do after a long day at work is clean my apartment. I’m not horribly messy but I’m not the cleanest, neatest person out there.

After moving in with my boyfriend, we made the mutual decision to hire a cleaning service to come to our apartment every other week. Not only has this reduced friction in our relationship, it is also a wonderful experience to come home to a clean apartment that smells like Lemon Pledge. The cleaning service will do all the heavy cleaning as well as tidying up and making the beds.

In addition to cleaning my apartment, the cleaning service provides me with guilt-free leisure time on the weekends that I can spend with friends and family. And that is priceless.

Not Worth It: Buying Lunch at Work ($200 a month)

Buying lunch every day is convenient. It’s a lot easier to buy something instead of bringing in food from home. But it adds up. Fast. A modest $10 a day for lunch works out to at least $200 a day. And while there are lunch options that are slightly cheaper than $10 a day, it’s hard to find something that is nutritious and cheap.

In order to save money, I’ve started bringing lunch to work each day. Usually I will make a big batch of Low-Carb Chili (sometimes Buffalo Chicken Chili) or another large meal on the weekend and then bring in the leftovers for lunch during the week. Not only am I saving money and eliminating wasted food, but I also am eating healthier. Other great lunch options include salads, soups, sandwiches or even frozen entrees if you can find them on sale.


What do you give up to be able to afford your favorite things? What do you think is #worthit?


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