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healthy for the holidays: cookie monster

Today has not been the best day for me health-wise. I could probably give cookie monster a run for his money on cookie consumption today. Normally I would beat myself up for hours and then probably end up eating even more sweets (ironic, right?). But I’m really trying to work on this whole self-forgiveness thing. I’m human and I make mistakes. I’m not perfect but I need to realize that there is a middle ground between perfection and giving up. I’m also trying to remember the incredible pounding headache I have right now the next time I think sampling each cookie from the cookie bouquet is a good thing.

“So, throughout the holidays, I think the healthiest thing that people can do for themselves is to actually enjoy themselves.” – Tracy Anderson from Refinery 29

I really liked the above quote from a Refinery 29 article asking Tracy Anderson (Gwenyth Paltrow’s trainer) about how to stay healthy for the holidays and I was actually pleasantly surprised by the completely normal and balanced view she has toward holiday indulgence. And I love it. Because it’s true. Nobody got fat from eating a bit of birthday cake on their birthday or having some pie at Thanksgiving. People get overweight by eating Christmas cookies from Thanksgiving to Christmas or using their birthday as an excuse to binge eat and drink for a week. My new goal is to try and save my indulgences for the actual holidays. Not only will it help keep me on track diet-wise, but it will also make the holiday traditions that much more special.

How do you balance staying healthy with the holidays?


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