get fit

weight loss: how do you decide to change?

I’ve mentioned previously that I have struggled with my weight since I can remember. And while I have been fortunate to never have serious health consequences of being overweight, it has still negatively impacted my life. It’s been a full year since I came to terms with the fact that I was unhealthy and overweight.  I was sitting on a beach in a beautiful tropical location with a drink in my hand obsessively thinking about work and I started to cry.

As part of our vacation, I had pictures taken on the beach by a local photographer (that they try to sell you afterwards). When I first looked at the photos I was sure that they were showing me the photos of somebody else. Because there was no way that the chubby girl in the photo was me, right? WRONG. It was me. And I was mortified. I hid my shame while at the photo studio and waited until on the beach (and a few drinks in) before completely breaking down. I realized that I couldn’t continue the way that I had been living. Not if I wanted to stay healthy and in control of my body and weight. And I decided I needed to balance my life and focus on self-improvement and pull back a little bit from focusing on work.

Fast forward to now and I am really proud of the progress that I have made. I sometimes forget how far I have come when faced with a new reminder of how much more I have to go until I reach my goal weight (side note: candid photos are NEVER flattering. EVER EVER EVER). I am really proud of the changes that I have made and how much my lifestyle has turned around. To date, I have lost 35 pounds but I am so much prouder of the progress I have been able to make in balancing and maintaining my new lifestyle. For once, I see healthy eating not as a means to an end (being skinny) but as a part of my life.

What has made you decide to change your life for the better? How did you go about it?


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