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healthy for the holidays: what to wear to your SO’s house

If you’re like me, you may be meeting some of your significant other’s extended family for the first time. And of course the biggest quandary is what to wear to meet them. Of course I want something elegant, yet casual, chic, yet effortless, flattering, yet modest. In a word, the unicorn of outfits. And this is going to be particularly challenging since I will also be spending time with children and I need an outfit that will allow me to play Legos on the floor and still look glamorous.

Here are a few of my favorite outfits that I will be wearing over my week-long trip.

Sweater and Leggings
Besides being the stereotypical outfit for white girls everywhere, this outfit is as comfortable as sweatpants without the slovenly appearance. I really love cable-knit sweaters to add a bit of texture to the outfit. I also recommend keeping the boots/shoes the same color as the leggings to not break up the line of the leg (super slimming).

Dress and Tights
Tights are amazing because they add in some slimming (thank you control top) while also making some of your summer clothes wearable all season long. I just got an amazing flare and fit dress from the Limited (on clearance!) that is a solid emerald green. I plan on pairing this with some plain black tights to help keep things nice and smooth and also keep me from freezing. I actually prefer black tights to nude tights since it’s so hard to get a good color match on nude tights. Particularly if you’re as pale as me.

Jeans, Embellished Tank Top & Cardigan
Jeans are always an easy go-to but I want to dress them up a little bit. I have a few great embellished tank tops and they will go perfectly with my dark skinny jeans and a boyfriend cardi. I would wear this outfit with either casual boots or ballet flats (depending on the weather).


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