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healthy for the holidays: saving gift money

It’s savings time!

This most may actually be a little delayed, but it’s never too late to start saving for the holidays. Things can add up rather quickly and it’s important to at least try and plan ahead for the spending.

The first thing I am doing is making a list of everybody that I’m planning on getting gifts for and then setting a budget for each gift. For me, that list is rather long. While I am going to try and find gifts for everybody that are the best bargain that I can, I’m going to go ahead and plan my budget with some wiggle room just in case.

Here is the start to my holiday gift list:

Mom – $50
Dad – $50
Stepdad – $50
Stepmom – $50

Well you get the idea. I have a  lot of gifts to buy. Next what I’m going to do is look at my total budget = $500 and divide it by the number of weeks left until I need to buy my gifts (about 6 and a half weeks). Let me round down and assume that it’s 6 weeks even. that means I need to save $84 a week to make sure that I have enough for the holidays without having to put my gift purchases on my credit card (which is always good for me).

The next thing I’m going to do is start competitively shopping around for the best deals on gifts. Now I’m not saying that I should head to Dollar Tree and buy everybody the first thing that I find. But I am saying that there is opportunity to find small, meaningful, and thoughtful gifts that may be below my budget. Or I may just find a really good deal 🙂


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