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louboutins for free: why banking rewards are my new best friend

I am a woman on a mission. A mission to get completely free Louboutins. Real ones. I don’t plan on getting taken in by sketchy online sites advertising bargain basement prices. I plan on getting my Louboutins completely free by leveraging my banking rewards.

I have been a customer at pretty much every bank you can imagine. I seem to switch banks every time that I move (mostly for convenience) but now that I work right in midtown, I have access to pretty much every bank within a three block radius. So I did my homework and shopped around and found a really great rewards program with Capital One. I get rewards for doing things that I was already doing (like paying bills, using my debit card, and getting cash from the ATM). Fast forward almost 2 years and I have quite a few rewards miles saved up. After looking around, I figured out that I get much more “reward per point” when trading in points for gift cards instead of cash. So obviously the logical thing to do is to spend those rewards getting gift cards so I can buy the shoes of my dreams.

I currently have almost enough rewards points for $600 worth of gift cards (I’m getting close!!!). I can’t wait to be able to buy the shoes completely free but until then I’ll keep obsessively checking my banking rewards account and paying bills just waiting to hit the magic number that makes these shoes $FREE.99

Do you currently have banking rewards? If so, what do you use your rewards for?


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