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style files: i love the 80’s

I really enjoy 80’s fashion. Okay, so maybe the shoulder pads were a little ridiculous, but there are definitely some 80’s styles that have made a comeback in a major way. In this outfit I’m rocking the stone-washed jeans as well as some tan booties. I am beyond obsessed with these booties and I get compliments on them all the time. They are made by a brand called 80%20 and have a great feature: a hidden wedge. The wedge gives me a tiny boost in height but because it is hidden, the base of the wedge is large and I’m not teetering precariously during my morning train commute.

I decided to pair these jeans with a looser top (considering the jeans are total jeggings). And I love the colorblocking on this sweater– incorporating several different colors but somehow still working together without being distracting. I also love the salmon color near my face since it’s pretty much a universally flattering color.

FYI, these jeans are extra 80’s– they have elastic stirrups at the bottom. Genius idea for easily tucking pants into boots without awkward bunching. They also make me want to bust a move to “What a Feeling” every time I put them on. I consider that an added bonus.


Sweater: JCrew
Jeans: Gap
Boots: 80%20


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