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#worthit… dinner at the capital grille

Tuesday was my boyfriend’s birthday and to celebrate I decided to take him out to a fancy dinner at the Capital Grille. It was a really great experience and they made the night feel really special (including a hand-written card thanking us for choosing to eat there…. oh yeah, and FREE CHAMPAGNE!!!!!).

One of the things that I have decided is that while I am fully committed to losing weight and getting healthy, that I don’t want to feel like I am missing out on life because of it. And by life, I mean lobster mac ‘n cheese (at least in this case). I (mistakenly) looked up the nutrition info for the Capital Grille and knew before going in that the heavenly side dish in question is a whopping 1,560 calories. Now, that is for a portion to share, but that is more than most dieters eat in a day. [Side note: this might be a diet worth trying… I kid…. Sort of]. But I had worked out a lot the whole week and I saved up my points (Weight Watchers baby) to be able to enjoy the side dish. And I did. I really did. It was everything that I hoped it would be and I realized that I may have actually found a balance between health, being social, and the occasional indulgence. And that is what I have always been looking for— balance. A way for me to enjoy the finer things in life  (lobster + cheese + steak + champagne) but still stay on track and lose weight. The best part? Even after my night of cheese-fueled happiness, I still lost 1lb on my weigh-in the next day. #winning

The Lobster Mac 'N Cheese that lives up to the description "as magnificent as it sounds"

The Lobster Mac ‘N Cheese that lives up to the description “as magnificent as it sounds”

While I don’t plan on more nights of so much indulgence ($$$), I will be planning for my future indulgences the same way I did here– with research, preparation, and discriminating taste in determining what is truly #worthit


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