get thrifty

a new system of accountability

I’ve been struggling a little bit with losing weight. I haven’t been gaining weight but my weight loss has been at a standstill for about two months. I’ve been looking for something to shake up my routine and figure out how to balance the indulgences of life (wine) while continuing to lose weight. I have been looking for a system of accountability and I have had short-term success with Weight Watchers in the past so I am trying it again.

After only one day of tracking, I can absolutely see why I was having issues with my weight loss stalling–portion sizes. I was eating food that would be considered healthy (for the most part) but that I was eating too much of them. I am already seeing some movement on the scale. In my first week tracking, I am down 2 lbs. But even bigger than that, I feel in control of my weight loss. I am able to use the PointsPlus system as a tool to see my behavior in the context of my goals and my progress toward them. I also like how it accounts for exercise in a realistic way and allows you to “bank” your exercise to use throughout your week. I am planning on saving up my points this week for my boyfriend’s birthday dinner. I’m taking him to the Capital Grille and I fully want to take advantage of the legendary Lobster Mac ‘N Cheese (note: the description on the menu is literally “As magnificent as it sounds”). I imagine hearing a chorus on angels singing with my first bite and I do not plan on missing out on it.

Even though I am trying this new system of accountability, I am not planning on changing the types of foods that I am eating. I do not plan on going back to the highly processed and chemical foods that I used to eat in my past.


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