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going through my beauty horde… why I should never be allowed in Sephora alone

Hello, my name is Meredith and I have a Sephora addiction. I love all things beauty and am always finding new things every time I go into the store. Or go to the website. Or read a beauty blog. Maybe I love beauty products because no matter what size I am, they will always fit. (This is probably also why I love purses and jewelry, but that is a conversation for another day.) As a result of this addiction, I am a very loyal rewards member and can usually find an excuse to purchase something during a “buy something and get a ton of samples” promos (I’m paraphrasing here). And I hoard them.

As part of my journey to getting goft, I’ve decided it’s time to break into my gallon-sized bags of samples and start using this stuff up. I want to reduce the clutter in my bathroom and get my routine down to the products that i’m truly obsessed with. While I’m at it, I thought it might be fun to post some beauty reviews for the products I’m trying. So without further ado, here are my first round of reviews:

Korres Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial

I really liked this moisturizer. It was thick on your finger but nice and smooth once applied. It didn’t feel like I was wearing product and seemed to absorb into the skin really quickly. There isn’t really a strong scent which I like considering I’m putting it on fit under my nose. A few minutes after I put it on, I felt a slight tingling (not unpleasant) on my face. I woke up and my skin felt hydrated and supple.

Murad Hybrids Eye Lift Illuminator

I tried this eye cream (which is meant for under the eyes). FYI, the eye cream is purple and sparkly (don’t worry, it rubs in clear and without looking like a Twilight vampire). I didn’t see an immediate result from the eye cream, but here is a side-by-side view of me before putting on the eye cream and first thing in the morning (ignore the creepy “neutral expression” and the fact that I was clearly half-asleep this morning)



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