get fit

getting organized and a trip to shopping mecca

This goal has also definitely fallen by the wayside with the chaos that is everyday life. But that’s okay because I am going to tackle it. TODAY. I wish that the motivation for doing this was internal, but my mother and sister are coming to visit for a girl’s weekend and I would imagine they wouldn’t fancy sleeping on a pile of clean laundry all that much. So I will be frantically moving all of my clutter to it’s proper place before they arrive this evening (obvious procrastination here, but I’m working on it).

I’m also going to be testing my resolve for frugality while shopping at Woodbury Commons outlets tomorrow. For those of you not familiar with this shopping destination, it is basically like walking down 5th Avenue in Manhattan except EVERYTHING IS AN OUTLET.

But it will also be a test of my resolve. Because it is SOOOOOOOO (see the extra O’s for emphasis) easy to justify spending more than you planned on because “everything is on sale”. Well, duh. It’s a factory outlet. Everything will always be on sale. So I am going to go into this shopping trip with a specific budget in mind for what I want to spend and I am going to stick to it.


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