get fit

getting frugal

And now it’s time to me to work on the frugal aspect of GOFT. As with my weight loss, I am VERY into instant gratification when it comes to material possessions (think something slightly above Veruca Salt). But I’ve realized that this almost compulsive need for instant gratification has caused a significant amount of stress in my life (mostly around the amount of time it takes a check to clear) and that I need a better long-term financial plan.

The first step in this process was updating my account. This is a great tool for financial planning and budgeting that aggregates all of your accounts into one single place and allows you to create custom categories for your purchases and track them against budgets. It’s also depressing as hell when you’re confronted with how much you’ve spent at various fast-food establishments. But that is part of this process–being more conscious of the choices that I’m making. No more burying my head in the sand and ignoring my personal finances.

I’ve set some savings goals for myself and some savings “rewards” related to that good behavior. The biggest reward is once I have more than 3 months of emergency savings is to open a “fun” savings account (am I really this lame? yes. do I care? absolutely not). This “fun” savings account is going to be able to finance my rich fantasy life that I live via Pinterest and stalking travel and fashion blogs.


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