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progress and yet still frustrated… why isn’t this super easy?

I hate to admit this, but I”m frustrated. Completely illogically, irrationally frustrated. I feel like I’m not making progress on my weight loss fast enough. Somehow I feel that because I went to the gym three times, I should magically be 20 lbs skinnier. (That’s how it works, right?!?). I know it isn’t rational, but I am frustrated. And I think most of the reason that I’m frustrated is because I still am not at my goal weight (or even close) yet.

I think most of my frustration is actually at myself. For letting myself get to the point where it will take me so long to reach my goals. And although there is nothing I can do about that, I do want to remember this feeling– because I don’t ever want to feel it again. It is definitely helping to push me into working out more (New goal: Become mayor of my gym on 4square without cheating by checking in every time I walk by on my way to/from work). My therapist says (did I really just say that? Oh no, I’m one of those people) that I should work on forgiving myself for my past and work on taking care of myself right now. (Does taking care of myself include spa treatments? I’m thinking YES. It probably also includes the occasional glass of wine…) And that’s going to be my strategy going forward, focusing on the little things that I can do every day to help me reach my goals and not sweat how much I still have to go.

I am still a work in progress. And for now, I’m perfectly okay with that 🙂


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