get fit

“they should give therapists out at birth”

[above quote from my stepdad]

I have been loving eating Paleo. Last night I made Orange Paleo Chicken which ended up being really delicious. I love how flavorful the dish was without adding a whole bunch of sugar or flour. I am definitely going to make this again and next time I think I am going to add in some vegetables to bulk up the dish without making it too heavy.


Orange Paleo Chicken

 I also have my second appointment with a therapist tomorrow. I started thinking about my weight issues (you’d think I’d be bored of it by now…) and I realized that there is probably something emotionally going on. When I have gained weight in the past it is not because I cannot afford healthy food. And it is not because I do not know what healthy food is (as evidenced by the small hoard of diet/fitness books on my bookshelf). So that would lead me to conclude that the reasons I have gained weight in the past probably are rooted with issues of the emotional variety. So I found a therapist. And she actually specializes in food/weight issues. I am hoping to figure out the causes for my patterns of behavior and to stop them from recurring. Now that I have a therapist, I am officially a New Yorker. 

I also had a mini-epiphany regarding the interconnectivity of physical health and financial health. I think that the same impulse that causes me to order unhealthy food at a restaurant causes me to buy shoes that I don’t need or yet another dress (despite how fabulous it is). I think they are both related to instant gratification. And I love me some instant gratification. But I think that by working through my weight issues, I will also be able to find opportunities to get healthier financially. And that would be a lovely benefit in addition to getting control of my weight.


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