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adventures in Paleo eating

A few weeks ago, I changed my eating habits. I started counting calories in December and restricted myself to 1,200 calories a day. I was losing weight but I was hungry and tired and ,y bathroom habits were not completely normal (sorry for the TMI). I figured that something had to change. After I finished my juice cleanse (Blueprint) I didn’t want to go back to putting all the heavily-processed foods back into my diet. I didn’t want to revert completely back to my old ways. So I found a diet book. And I thought that this book was going to be no different than any other diet book I have read in the past. In many ways, the book wasn’t that different. There were personal stories, scientific background, and a new approach to eating. But what really got me was the way it just made sense to me.

The Paleo lifestyle is pretty much meats, poultry, fish, seafood, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. That’s it. No dairy, no wheat. While there is tons of debate in the scientific community about the exact right diet, nobody disagrees that the foods you are eating on Paleo are healthy (unless you are advocating a vegetarian diet). And that is the part that really clicked for me. That and the fact that when I gave up gluten in the spring of 2011 I lost weight and felt really strong and energized. My perpetual post-nasal drip went away.

Since eating Paleo, I have lost 9 lbs but more importantly I completely cleared up my digestive issues. Completely. I have tons of energy and I don’t feel deprived or cheated out of living a normal life while eating Paleo foods (probably because steak and lobster are both Paleo and it’s really hard to feel deprived when you’re eating steak and lobster. Nom.) I’ve been eating more meals at home but it honestly isn’t that hard to eat out. I’ve actually been eating at Chipotle a lot for lunch because I can get a big burrito bowl with just meat, lettuce, tomatoes, and guacamole. I joked with my sister about become the “Jared of Chipotle” but considering I eat there several times a week and I keep losing weight, it is a total possibility. (Dear Chipotle Corporate: if you read this, I am ready to talk sponsorship!)


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