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back after a long hiatus

And I’m back. After a long break. Since I last posted on here I’ve celebrated the holidays, moved, completed a juice cleanse, got a fitbit, and visited my family for my stepdad’s 60th birthday. Phew. That all adds up, doesn’t it?

Overall, since I last posted I’m 10 lbs closer to my goal. I’ve made a lot of progress mostly due to my juice cleanse (a full post on that to come later) and the habits that I have continued after the cleanse. The juice cleanse started a search for a new way to eat and live. I am so excited by the progress I made and I want to continue to make progress and to find a way of living that gives me the type of life I want. I’ve been researching different diets and I’ve come across two different ones that are really appealing to me.

The Paleo Diet
This diet is basically the following: meats, poultry, fish, shellfish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Sounds pretty simple. There are a few things that are potentially up for debate (e.g. Almond milk) but overall it seems pretty simple. I read The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf. The book provided a nice scientific background for the diet and a basic plan with recipes and a simple workout plan.

Clean Eating
Clean eating (my understanding) is eating only whole, natural foods excluding sugar and white flour. The rule of thumb from Pinterest research (scientific, I know) is that if you would not buy each of the ingredients for a food as something to cook with, you shouldn’t buy it. It is a lifestyle of awareness and minimizing processed foods. There is no food group specifically that is “not allowed” you just have to be very careful what you’re buying at the supermarket.

I think I am going to try following the Paleo lifestyle and if I slip up, to still maintain clean eating. I am sick of eating 100 calorie packs and not being satisfied. Instead of a 100 calorie pack, I could have 1 1/4 cups of strawberries which will be much more filling and better for me. There are many different eating plans out there, all of which claim to have the solution. But (unless they are trying to sell you something) nobody thinks highly-processed food is a good thing.


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