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summiting clothes mountain

I’m back and (relatively) unscathed after clearing through the pile of clothing on my dresser that I had come to affectionately refer to as “clothes mountain” [complete with avalanches and traumatized climbers of the canine variety]. The pile was starting to get out of control and I’m really glad that I finally took care of it. However, I have entirely too much clothing. Seriously too much clothing.

Since moving into my new (and much larger) apartment, I assumed that closet space would no longer be an issue. Boy was I wrong! Despite having a large walk-in closet, I still have managed to have my clothing spill out into the bedroom. I know that I need to get rid of a lot of it, but I am finding it hard to part with for some reason. I did manage to get together a small bag of clothes to donate and I hope they will be finding good homes very soon. I am also selling a few pieces of clothing on eBay and I’m hoping to see a few dollars come my way for them (at least the ones that still have tags on them).

I am struggling a little bit on the weight loss front. It is rather hard to restrict calories during this time of year so I am going to cut myself a little slack for those few special occasions (like the office Christmas party) and just get back on track the next day. I’ve also started taking a probiotic supplement (better than eating 4 containers of Activia a day– sorry Jamie Lee Curtis) and I think it is really helping me to feel better and keep things going (TMI??).

I am doing a rather good job trying to balance my personal and work life. We are currently in a very busy period at work but I’m trying very hard to make sure that I don’t bring too much home and that I draw the line somewhere. It does mean that I’m insanely busy at work, but that should die down toward the end of the week. I am also ready to order myself my fitbit to start incorporating exercise into my routine. I am hoping to see some additional motivation come from the activity tracker as well as tracking calories.


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