get fit

back from paradise. new and rebooted

And I’m back…

Back from an amazing and wonderful trip to the (moderately cheesy, but in a good way) all-inclusive resort of Sandals Royal Bahamian. The trip was amazing. Super relaxing, beautiful, and with everything you could want. And boy did I want. Moderation was left behind with the cold weather. And while I did not plan on restricting myself on this trip, I did have a sharp wake-up call on the trip. Pictures. Cheesy horrible poses from the complimentary photo shoot at the resort. But it wasn’t the poses that were upsetting. When we first saw the pictures, I couldn’t believe that it was really me in those photos. Were those large fleshy thighs really mine? Did I really have that much cellulite? Sadly, the answer to both of those questions is yes.

After the horror of my cottage cheese thunder thighs, I began thinking more about my life (rum-fueled introspection of course) and I started realizing that my current life is unsustainable. I am overweight, tired, overworked, withdrawn, disorganized, and not saving money/paying back my loans in a responsible way. I feel very out of control of my life. There are some things that I cannot control, but everything in that list can be improved (if not completely controlled). In fact, many of those things are related. Being overworked leads to poor eating decisions (either as rewards or out of convenience). Poor eating decisions lead to being overweight and spending way too much money on takeout (if Seamless had a gold club, I would be in it). Being overweight and overworked means that I’m tired. And being tired (and not being happy with how I look) makes me withdraw from social interactions.

But since I’ve been back, I feel like I’ve been rebooted. Shut down and restarted after spending too much time spinning without doing anything. So today I left work after 9 and a half hours. I didn’t bring my work computer home. I am not answering emails (except in emergencies). I’ve decided I need to separate myself from my work and start saying no. Saying no feels weird given that I’m pretty Type-A about work, but I cannot manage everything. So I need to start saying no to things that are not within my realm of responsibility. Because if I keep saying yes, more and more will continue to get piled onto my already too full plate (in the literal and figurative sense). I also started tracking my calories on myfitnesspal and it has definitely made me more aware of what I am eating. I want to stick with tracking my calories (for better or worse) for at least a month. There is really no excuse given my excess of technology (iPhone, iPad, laptop) and the number of apps there are out there. So for now I am focusing on those two things. And now I’m going to place a nicer grocery order full of healthy foods to encourage good choices πŸ™‚


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